Bowie’s Leash Law – Protecting Your Pet

The City of Bowie and Prince George’s County have “Leash Laws”. A “Leash Law” is enacted to protect your pet and to protect others from your pet. A dog or cat not under proper restraint and control may attack another animal, chase a pedestrian, come into harms way by crossing a busy street or run away. There can be serious consequences if your pet is not leashed.
A pet is considered “at large” when it is off the owner’s property and not secured by a leash or not confined within a vehicle, another home or the fenced area of the City’s Dog Park. A pet “at large” is considered a public nuisance and may be
impounded immediately. The owner or custodian of a pet running at large is subject to a fifty dollar ($50) fine for the violation of Chapter 4 of the Bowie City Code. An owner may also be responsible for any civil damages incurred by their dog or cat running at large. Please protect your pet. Keep your companion pet leashed when not within the confines your yard or home.
Please see chapter 4 of the Bowie City Code (page 53)
If you have issues with pets “at large” or any other issue in the city code in regard to animals, please contact Bowie Animal Control, 301-809-3002.

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