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Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal

When are my trash days, and how do I have my trash picked up?

Trash pickup is on Mondays and Thursdays.  Trash should be secured in a lidded trash bin and left out behind your townhome, outside of your fence.  Trash containers should be put out after 5 PM the evening before the pick-up, and returned (inside the resident’s fence, or next to their front door) by 10 PM on Monday or Thursday respectively.

Please visit the City of Bowie Household Trash page for details about which items are accepted, as well as which items are prohibited as they may be subject to change:

Does the City of Bowie recycle?  If so, how can I dispose of recyclable waste?

Recycling pickup is on Thursdays.  The City of Bowie will not accept any recycling contained in plastic trash bags, so please use paper bags or leave your recycling loose in your container.  As with trash containers, it is recommended to contain your recycling in a lidded container.  Recycling containers should be put out after 5 PM Wednesday evening, and returned (inside the resident’s fence, or next to their front door) by 10 PM on Thursday.

The City of Bowie will provide residents with one lidded recycling cart at no cost by contacting the Public Works Department at (301) 809-2344.  Please visit the City of Bowie recycling page for details about which items are accepted, as well as which items are prohibited as they may be subject to change:

Our community’s recycling rate is lower than the surrounding communities at 20-23%, compared to their 29-50% (Victoria Heights, Idlewild, and Belair Town I).  Let’s work toward improving this to help reduce landfill costs and help the environment!

Does the City of Bowie compost?  How can I compost biodegradable food waste?

Currently, the City of Bowie does not do any compost pickup.  They do, however, encourage backyard composting through their Green Bowie program.  City of Bowie offers low-cost compost bins for purchase, however as of May 20, 2016 they are currently sold out.  Please visit the Green Bowie sustainability page for further information and announcements:

Why should I use lidded containers for my trash and recycling waste?

Belair Town II is adjascent to wooded habitats for wildlife including foxes, raccoons, rabbits, owls, vultures, and deer.  We also have a spayed/neutered feral cat population in the neighborhood, and many fat and happy squirrel residents.  Many animals scavenge through our trash, and exposed trash bags are often torn open before waste pickup the following day.  Keeping your waste secured in a lidded container prevents trash from being scattered around the neighborhood.

As Belair Town II is a very pet-friendly neighborhood, your unsecured trash also becomes a risk for pets being walked through the neighborhood.  Cooked bones and spoiled food are a health hazard to your neighbor’s pets, and are often scattered in common areas where pets eliminate by the wildlife that pilfered from your trash.

If you subscribe to a “return it to the ground it came from” philosophy on biodegradable food wastes, please dispose of them properly by turning them into compost!  Don’t dump or throw bones and banana peels into alleyways, woods, and grassy areas!

I have something large and heavy that I’d like to throw out.  Can I have it picked up with my trash?

Large items may be placed at the curb next to your household trash containers on your normal collection day.  Large trash items include any items (excluding appliances) that are not all metal, such as wooden furniture, upholstered furniture, or plastic toys.  Residents may put these items out for collection without arranging an appointment.

Metal items, appliances, and tires must be collected via special pickup.  Pickups are completed on Wednesdays, and must be scheduled ahead of time.  To arrange a pickup, call the Public Works Department by Tuesday at noon for that week’s pickup at (301) 809-2344.  Some examples of metal items that require special pickup:

  • laundry machines
  • refrigerators and freezers (make sure door is removed or securely closed for child safety reasons)
  • grills
  • water heaters
  • metal cabinets or shelving
 I just did spring cleaning and I have a large volume of waste that can’t wait until trash collection day.  I also remodeled a room and have some hazardous waste.  Where is the nearest landfill?

Brown Station Road Sanitary Landfill
1611 White House Road
Upper Marlboro, MD
(301) 833-5045

Hours of Operation:  Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Brown Station Road Sanitary Landfill is open and free of charge to County citizens and residents who need to dispose of harmful household waste.  Non-commercial vehicles only, limited to one truckload of waste per year.  Some examples of hazardous waste:

  • antifreeze, gasoline, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and motor oil
  • fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides
  • photographic chemicals
  • unused paint, paint thinners, or solvents
  • car batteries

We are within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, and improper disposal of these items is harmful to both the local environment and the ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay.

What should I do with my yard waste (i.e. leaves, trimmings, weeds, limbs, dead Christmas trees)?

Please do not dump your yard waste into the wooded spaces in the community.  Not only is it a potential eyesore, but some invasive species can regrown from cuttings and harm the local ecosystem.  The City of Bowie does curbside collection of yard wastes on Wednesdays.  Yard waste should be placed in paper bags or loose in a container weighing no more than 50 pounds.  Some branches may be accepted tied into bundles, and logs may be cut into short lengths (up to 24 inches) and placed at the curb, again with a weight maximum of 50 pounds per bundle/log.  Items should be placed at the curb after 5 PM on Tuesday night, and containers should be returned (inside the resident’s fence or at their front door) by 10 PM on Wednesday.

For more information about what items are accepted, as well as which are prohibited, please visit the City of Bowie yard waste page as these items may be subject to change: