Community Information

A Reminder To All Owners of Rental Properties

A reminder to all owners of rental properties: The City of Bowie requires that every rental property be licensed to ensure that City Code Enforcement can inspect the rental property periodically.  Below is the link for the license application for each rental property.



Although the towing policy has been put on hold, Bowie city code and parking regulations are still to be observed. Please do not park where there are “No Parking” signs or within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant. The city code enforcer may ticket or tow your vehicle.

On a similar note, it is against the law to have a car or trailer in the community without up-to-date plates or tags. No vehicle storage is allowed. Please be diligent in keeping your vehicles current. Thank you!


Pet Waste – What a Nuisance It Can Be

Everyone should be concerned with animal waste and the effect it may have on our health, our environment and the well-being of our pets. Several diseases can be transmitted to humans after contact with pet feces and we don’t want our children handling animal excrement. We want to protect our pets because they can contract canine parvo, whipworms and other diseases from fecal matter. The accumulation of feces in our yards can foul the air and create a public nuisance. Pet waste can also create a health hazard by polluting our storm water system or by providing a food source for rodents and other unwanted animals.

The Bowie City Code addresses the issue of animal waste:
• Sections 4-13, (c), 15-3 and 11-3. A public nuisance exists when an animal’s uncleanliness or deposit of excrement causes odor or unsanitary conditions.
• Sections 4-17 and 17-2. Anyone owning or keeping a companion animal shall immediately remove and properly dispose of the excrement deposited by the animal from private property, other than their own, or from public property, including City sidewalks, streets and City parks.

For questions regarding Bowie City Code please go to the city website (click here for link.)

It is the responsibility of every pet owner or custodian to properly dispose of pet waste. No matter how large or how small the animal. 

It doesn’t matter the size of the pet!

Pet owners must frequently clean their yards of pet excrement. When walking your dog or cat, immediately clean up the waste. Do not toss your pet’s excrement into a storm drain or sewer and don’t expect it to dissolve into the ground. Carry a pet waste bag and dispose of your animal’s waste with your other solid waste.

We are lucky to have several locations to deposit our pet waste bags. Please do your part and pick up your pet’s waste. FYI – pooping NEAR the poop can is not picking up your pet’s waste. There are cheap “poop bag” holders that you can buy and hook right to you leash. Walmart has replacement bags at the cheapest price around!

Example of “poop bag holder”:


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