Winter Snow Removal

TO: Residents of Belair Town II

Well it looks like Old Man Winter finally caught up with us. Just a few reminders on what we can expect from the City of Bowie and the additional support, if required, from Access Landscaping.

The City will apply salt and or sand on accumulations less than two inches. When there is more than two inches, the City will plow the streets and alleys behind the Town Homes. Please note that the team that collects the trash may be reassigned to support the plowing and spreading of salt. This will delay the pickup of trash so please be patient. The Public Works Department can be reached at 301-809-2344

Access Landscaping will remove the snow from the common sidewalks after more than two inches accumulation. The sidewalk to the front door as well as the parking spaces at the rear of the Town Homes is the responsibility of the homeowner/resident.


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