Still Have Questions?

If you have a question to ask the board please write a comment on this page. It  will be sent to the webmaster and then sent to the Board to discuss and respond to. It will not be posted if you do not want it to be. Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Still Have Questions?

  1. Last week I discovered neon orange spray paint markings inside my back yard, which apparently are outlining the underground telephone wires. I never received a notification that any work was scheduled. If there is an intent to dig within my fence line I would prefer to know, rather than just having someone just wandering inside my backyard when every they want, and startling me. This neon trail is clearing going under the sidewalk and plantings.

    Does anyone know what is going on?

    • Dear BT2 Resident

      The markings are clearly form Miss Utility. It is County and State policy that any digging or construction that would go underground needs to first be assessed by Miss Utility. Anyone of your neighbors that may have work going on or the City of Bowie could have contacted Miss Utility. BG&E and Washington Gas will always have underground services marked. This includes gas, electric, telephone, cable, etc. BT2 did not contact them.


      Gene Simmons
      Belair Town II Townhouse Association, Inc

  2. I noticed a growing pile of sand and dirt on the sidewalk outside the front of my home (13015 Marquette Lane) over the last several months or more. After investgiating it yesterday I realize it is due to the erosion of grass from all edges of my front lawn and into my sidewalk leading up to the front door. The grass has been cut back and away (most likely from the act of “edging” the sidewalk done by ACCESS employees?) It’s clear the grass edge has been cut quite short and is angled back toward the top of the lawn. What is left behind is an eroding “wall of dirt” several inches deep. Every time it rains the dirt is washing out onto the sidewalk. The erosion is not just in front of my house, it extends to neighbors lawns. In shoveling it up yesterday I noticed that dirt is literally lying in wait on the sidewalk edge, for the next rain. The sidewalk edges have been exposed. The grass does not go down to the sidewalk as it should.

    I also noticed an increase in a wall of dirt across the street from me.

    While the young man who does the edging is very respectful, he obviously needs to be trained in how to do this work correctly. I have nowhere to place this sand/dirt, and the pile will continue to grow as long as there is no grass to prevent further erosion. I’m asking that Access be required to investigate and resolve this issue to my satisfaction. This problem will not go away without taking steps at growing the grass back where it belongs. Please let me know how this will be accomplished. And please let them know to stop all edging around my yard until this issue is resolved and there exists actual grass to “edge”. Thank you.

    Rosalind Kincaid 240-893-2217

  3. Wondering if it would be possible to send out reminders for people to clean their gutters out cause both of my neighbors on both sides of me have clogged gutters and causing water to come into my house.

  4. According to the FAQ on the link provided, thee scheduled shred day at Bowie State University in November, “This event will be open to the Bowie State Community.” It would not appear that this is NOT open to the general, non-Bowie State University community.

    Perhaps the HOA could, once again, sponsor a one-day shred event ONLY open to proven HOA residents.

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