Discarded mattresses and box springs must be entirely wrapped in plastic before Bowie City will pick them up. The plastic can be purchased at Home Depot. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.


When: January 3, 2023

Where: Kenhill Community Center; Room 125

Time: 7:15 pm

There will be no February or March meeting. If you have an issue or concern, please email at


The Belair Town II HOA is in need of volunteers to empty the poop cans. It is time for new members to step up and relieve those who have been performing this task for years and years. The poop cans serve an important function for dog owners, as well as, a way to keep our community clean and healthy. Dog owner or not, you can make a significant contribution to the community by emptying just one can when full. There are approximately nine poop cans from which to choose and some get more business than others. If you want to be a volunteer, please email the HOA at Thanks so much!

Joan Ntoko, President

Belair Town II HOA



Dear Members of the Belair Town II Homeowners Association:

You will soon be receiving a notice in the mail regarding the General Meeting of the HOA on Monday, September 26, 2022. The purpose of the meeting is to elect positions for the Board of Directors for the coming year.


The current Board consists of only three people, two of whom will be retiring this year. Generally, there are five members that comprise the Board. We are required by law to have a functioning Board of Directors who can continue to provide basic services to the community such as landscaping services. Please do your part for your community.

HOA Board Treasurer

The members of the Board of Directors of the HOA of Belair town II would like to recognize the service of Diane Arch to the community. Diane acted as Treasurer on the Board for several years and, in that capacity, provided dedicated and reliable service giving many hours of her time. When the demands of the job necessitated that Diane resign from her position on the Board, she continued to assist in handling the finances since we have been unsuccessful in finding a volunteer to fill the need. Diane has announced that due to other demands on her time, she will no longer continue to assist us. We are very grateful for the many years of dedicated service Diane has given the community and wish her luck in her future endeavors.