HOA Board Treasurer

The members of the Board of Directors of the HOA of Belair town II would like to recognize the service of Diane Arch to the community. Diane acted as Treasurer on the Board for several years and, in that capacity, provided dedicated and reliable service giving many hours of her time. When the demands of the job necessitated that Diane resign from her position on the Board, she continued to assist in handling the finances since we have been unsuccessful in finding a volunteer to fill the need. Diane has announced that due to other demands on her time, she will no longer continue to assist us. We are very grateful for the many years of dedicated service Diane has given the community and wish her luck in her future endeavors.


One thought on “HOA Board Treasurer

  1. Thanks for this announcement.  Diane has been such a blessing to our BTCA2 community for so many years!  I’m sorry to see her “step down” from her unofficial treasurer role, but her “retirement” is richly deserved!   Susie Richardson

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