Board of Directors Resignation

Dear Belair Town II Community,

The members of the Board of Directors of the HOA are sad to announce the resignation of our president, Gene Simmons. Gene is unable to continue to provide service to the Board because of an increase in the scope of his job.

We all, members of the Board and the community at large, owe a great debt of gratitude for the ten years of dedicated service that Gene provided. So much of the time and effort that Gene donated to the community was not always visible. He took on many responsibilities that were essential to keeping the community safe and supported. His competent and positive leadership will be missed.

When a Board position opens, the Board has the authority to appoint a new member. We encourage anyone to inquire about volunteering or to apply for a position on the Board by contacting the Board through the following email:

Board of Directors
Belair Town II Townhouse Association, Inc


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