City of Bowie Snow Removal

For more information see the City of Bowie

Snow Accumulation of Less Than Two Inches 

When roadways become slick due to snow, sleet, or ice, they are immediately treated with salt and/or sand. During treatment operations all main drives, steep hills, and collector streets (streets with numerous intersections) are treated on a priority basis. Streets with lesser inclines, most cul-de-sacs, and flat roads with limited intersections are not treated unless severe icing conditions occur. Limited plowing may take place on priority streets.

Snow Accumulation of Two Inches or More 
When snow accumulations reach two inches, citywide plowing operations begin. Plowing operations begin with main drives and progresses to hilly areas and collector streets. During heavier snows plows will remain on priority streets until plowing outpaces accumulation. Plowing then progresses to streets with lesser inclines, roads with limited intersections, and cul-de-sacs. Citywide plowing continues until all streets have been plowed.

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