Feral Cats

Dear BT2 Residents

Feral cats live all over the country, in every landscape–including Bowie and our community. They are members of the domestic cat species, but are not socialized to people. They live among their own in “colonies”.
Trap‐Neuter‐Return is a cost-effective, long‐term approach for stray and feral cats. Cats are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, and vaccinated. Cats not socialized to humans are returned to their colony site, and their population gradually reduces over time. The behaviors associated with mating, such as yowling and fighting, stop, and the cats become good neighbors. 
Thanks to several homeowners and residents and others in BT2, there has been a TNR effort and success in controlling the population and caring for the cats that live in our neighborhood. 
There are simple things to ensure a peaceful coexistence. Not everyone likes having cats and other animals in their yards, and there are some quick steps that ensure the cats are diverted from areas they are not wanted. For example:
  • Try sprinkling fresh citrus peels, around the edge of the yard, the tops of fences, digging areas or plants.
  • Scatter fresh orange and lemon peels or spray areas with citrus-scented fragrances. Coffee grounds, vinegar, pipe tobacco, or oil of lavender, lemongrass, citronella, or eucalyptus also deter cats.
  • Plant the herb rue to repel cats, or sprinkle dried rue over the garden. digging areas or plants.

For more information on humane deterrents see sites like www.alleycat.org.

We appreciate feedback on this and other issues in the community.  Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, this will be the last post on this issue. Please attend a monthly HOA meeting if you have suggestions, comments, or concerns.



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